Services #artconnects

Here, let me do it for you...

Overwhelmed with your agenda?

Want to coordinate an event, but have too many moving parts?

I will take care of your scheduling, liaising, connecting, and, of course, the art.


Give me the details and I will put them in their place.

Art Handler

I'm quite new to installing art, so you'll get a great discount! I do take the greatest care to be sure art is hung mathematically level to your eye and aesthetically pleasing for all around.


My background is diverse - and one of my (life + academic) experiences is in art history. I've visited museums and galleries all over Spain and NYC. There is something magical about seeing great works of art in person. I hope to give artists the chance to showcase their work and patrons the opportunity to engage with it.

Community Art Coordinator

Building on that notion, my goal is to connect the communities around us: the artists, the patrons, the students, the curious. See more here.