July 31st I met my Uncle for the first time. He was a Holocaust Survivor; he died last night, October 27th. I had visited 3 days earlier.


He went from lucid, telling me his stories, and eating chocolate cake and laughing with my 4 year old, holding him in his lap in July, to unresponsive, grasping the bars of his hospital bed in October.

Part one of the exhibit: Conversation between George and me, & occasionally my son.


He tells of his experiences in the camps in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. His family were gassed, but after George was liberated by the English, he was adopted by my grandfather who had escaped to the U.S. before the war.


This is a 45-minute conversation. Listen anywhere, for however long you like.


One of my favourite parts is when he talks about the grandmothers in the Hungarian bakery on the Upper East Side. He washed dishes, and they fed him and brought him back to life.

Luck, Pure Unadulterated Luck - George Evers + Jessica Prescott
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