I also teach chess...

I've taught chess in NYC, AZ and NC for 16 years. I've worked with private, public, Title 1, bilingual, ELL, parochial, charter, & homeschools.


My book was published in 2014 - *My First Chess Book: 35 Easy and Fun Chess-Based Activities For Kids*. Get a copy!


More about Jessica + chess:

Founder & Director

Being a small-business owner means I work all.the.time. It also means I get to hang out with my baby (who is now three).


Jessica Era Prescott recently ranked in the top 100 US female chess players. She has been a chess instructor for 16 years and has coached teams in three states at the State and National Championship levels. Jessica is the past Vice President of Scholastic Chess with the North Carolina Chess Association (NCCA). Since 2010, she has been a weekly author for the interactive website In 2008, Jessica created Over The Chessboard, an organization dedicated to promoting chess for everyone. Jessica lives in Davidson, North Carolina with her family. Occasionally her toddler will accompany her while she teaches.


Do *you* want to teach chess? Host a club? Hire me to teach a workshop? Lecture to a small group?


Are you interested in a chess + art collaboration? Hosting a tournament? A party? A chess tournament party?!


Do let me know...